Investor Remodeling

Renovating for Sale or Rent

Adding value to a property by making improvements is a great way to invest and profit.  We understand the real estate investment landscape and investor needs. Having LLW on your team can mean the difference between a profitable project and one that costs you money. Accurate estimates and fast completion of top quality work assures you will have a chance for profit.  Whether its a fix and flip, or a rental you plan on keeping, remodeling will increase your bottom line.  

Fast and Accurate Estimates

Competition for distressed properties is at an all time high.  Finding and getting the deal is not easy, especially with other investors competing for the same property.  Knowing what the home will require to come to market and how much the renovation costs will be is crucial to make an educated decision whether to buy or pass. We have extensive experience in renovating for resale so we make sure you receive fast and accurate estimates to help you win the deal and make the right decision.

On Time and On Budget Performance

Once you have secured the property, it's time to get to work.  Every day a property sits unfinished, costs increase.  Additionally, as a property sits idle, chances of a market shift not in your favor increase.  Don't let construction delays get in the way of your success. We get in and get the job done fast. On time and on budget. Every time.

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